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Are you pregnant, or already a new parent?

You will need all the knowledge and information you can get about your newborn and how to take good care of your baby

Priceless information for your first week as a new parent

All the tips & tricks you need

Maria with baby in her arms - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

A maternity assistant, who comes to your home in the first week after you have a newborn, is unique to The Netherlands, but nowadays I can share with you all the knowledge and information of over 20 years of experience as a maternity assistant via the Internet, which is not as good as, but a close second!

Having a baby is a unique event, involving all kinds of emotions that you may not have expected in advance. Many women find motherhood quite a rollercoaster at first. Pregnancy and childbirth demand a lot from your body, also emotionally a lot happens.
First you live towards your baby for nine months and then there is the delivery that demands a lot from you. While your brain is still processing all the impressions and motions of childbirth, you have to work hard with feeding and sleepless nights and you ask yourself: 'am I doing it right for my baby?' That takes a lot of energy, just like depregnation. In any case, it is quite normal that it takes time to get completely back into balance physically and mentally. 
You may also find it difficult to take care of your baby, you suddenly argue with your partner more often or the feeding is not going as you expected.

But: not to worry!!

All the knowledge and (visual) explanations on this website will support you in two ways:
1: you will be so much more prepared for the experiences to come after your baby is born;
2: after your baby is born you can use all the knowledge and (visual) explanations handson to support the actual experiences.

Everything you need in the first week

Maria with baby in her arms - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

The paid content part of this website gives you videos and texts on how to handle everything concerning your newborn baby and yourself in the first week after birth. This handson detailed explanation contains among other things information about the first contact with your baby, about the baby's adaptation to life outside the womb, about taking care of your baby and feeding your baby, and about the recovery process of your own body. Look for more detailed information on "What is BCH".

There is also a possibility for you to book an appointment with me online to talk through all your questions concerning your preparations on having your newborn, or all questions you have around yourself and your baby in the first week after birth!
Please watch the introduction video below.

Why a website for babycare handson? Parents share their story on the why!

baby is laughing at you - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

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This website is intended to give parents and newborns a good start in a very special phase of life: the precious first week!
Check out the prices for the information and the private appointments by clicking the link below.